Thornton Sprinkler Blowout and Winterization

Schedule your sprinkler blowout / winterization appointment with Fernando for addresses in and around Thornton – Serving Thornton, Commerce City, and Brighton plus the surrounding zip codes 80229 80221 80260 80233 80234 80640 80022 80216.

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Rates: $60 for the first 5 zones -additional zones are $5 each / crawlspace water shutoff is an additional $35

Thornton sprinkler winterization blowout

Everyone always asks the question – “when is it the best time to get your sprinkler system winterized? The beginning of October is a great time to schedule your blowout b/c you won’t know about the first freeze until it’s probably too late. Damage from frozen pipes is expensive. Your system will still probably work after the first freeze, however, the damage that occurs is cumulative in nature especially when it comes to the Pressure Vacuum Breaker’s valves and test cocks. We recommend having your sprinkler blown out before October 10th. If you see rust or a green patina on any of the pipes,nuts and bolts in and around the PVB, you already have minor leaks, but in most cases you do not need to do anything or call for a repairman to come out.